Siem Reap Old Market and Fun Times

2 01 2011

One our last day in Siem Reap we decided to check out the Old Market. WOW. You can find anything here, especially in terms of food. It’s essentially one huge single story building, like a warehouse. There are different vendor stalls around the perimeter selling clothing, souvenirs, household needs, watches, jewelry, barbershops, etc. Then when you actually enter the market you are instantly thrown into a loud, bustling, crowded food market with exotic fruits and veggies, butchers with fish and meat on display, and congee and other porridge bars. Its a feast for your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, brain, and otherwise culture absorbing orifices.

we don't know what these are 1/600

up to your knees in mangosteen

my new shirt

my new hat


Pub street is a small block where most bars are located. Naturally there are tons of tourists and vendors and debauchery. Did I mention that beers in Siem Reap are FIFTY CENTS?!?!?

pub street, where you go for fun

best tuk tuk in siem reap.

scene of debauchery





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